Domain patrol

Competent organizations and domain name registrars work together to eliminate detected threats and provide the security of Russian domain space.

14.04.2021 CC for TLD .RU/.РФ
Russian Institute for Public Networks joins Policy of cooperation and coordination to prevent misuse of domain names

Registrars and competent organizations are now cooperating in TLD .RU, .РФ and .SU

02.10.2020 ссTLD for .RU/.РФ
Coronadomains: No second wave?
#сoronadomains #cybersecurity
17.09.2020 ccTLD for .RU/.РФ
Not all COVID-related domains are malicious
#мониторинг #кибербезопасность #киберугрозы
16.09.2020 ccTLD for .RU/.РФ
Fighting illegal content requires joint action of domain industry players
#BRICS #coronavirus #cybersecurity
04.09.2020 ccTLD for .RU/.РФ
Registration speed of coronavirus-related domains in .RU and .РФ remains slow
#phishing #coronavirus


Competent organizations